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The Petzl nao reviewed

It’s new, it’s wow, it’s Expensive, it’s nao

The Petzl nao (pronounced ‘now’) represents nothing less than breakthrough technology and design. It is truly amazing when you look at a task like illumination and figure the only frontiers were lumens and longevity (battery life) then someone comes along and POW! Redefining the way you see at night, the Petzl nao is a must have light if you work or play after the sun goes down.

This is a smart light. What looks like three bulbs is really two, with the third (top center) being a light sensor – the optic nerve. The two lights provide direct and diffused light at programatic times and levels depending on what it is hearing from the sensor and what your program is. Thats right, programable.

The nao uses Petzl OS to program user profiles for the light. This is beyond gimmick and is a true interface into how the light behaves under the conditions you use it in.

Select from the long list of activity specific profiles and load up the four available slots in your headlamp. Use a profile as a basis of a new self developed profile, or compare between profiles. The OS is well presented in a slick little AIR (adobe) app.

So, in case you can not tell by my tone – I like this product. In the one to five star range I give it a solid five on function, design and implementation.

Check out the video from Petzl –

And review the info at their nao web site