I am on hold on the sale at the moment – I am thinking I am going to wait until such time as I get a 60 or 61 to replace it.

UPDATE: This frame is for sale – 59CM C-C in good shape – comment if interested.
Sale would be FRAME ONLY.
There are scratches, wear and tear, this is NOT NOS – but – it rides true and straight, and is in a condition you would expect a frame of this vintage and history to be. The ONLY reason I am considering letting it go is it is just a little to small for me, else it would be my daily rider as my corsa extra is at this moment.
I will update the post with some detailed pictures soon.

From an internet connection out of a forum contact on Road Bike Review –
The MX Leader – The pinnacle of steel – Always wanted one of these –

Full Dura-Ace 8 Speed with the exception of the stem and seatpost
First day with the new MX Leader



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  1. Harry Reynoldson

    Also interested in this if it is still for sale – if so let me know, thanks.

  2. Richard Lomas

    I have been trying to get a MX leader for the last 2yrs so I would definately like to buy this frame and am willing to pay a good price;please get in touch so we can discuss terms.
    Kind regards

  3. Kevin O'Hagen


    Are you still interested in selling this frame? There doesn’t seem to have been any activity on the potential sale for a month.

    • Yes – Believe it or not, I am.
      I need to clean it up and photograph it and post it.
      My problem has been time, as it is with many of us.

      I will email all who have expressed interest, and update the page when I get it done.

      In the thick of cross season – so thats another time suck (#firstworldproblems)

      Thanks for your interest,


  4. Richard Lomas

    Hi Mike
    I am still very interested in your MX leader frame.
    Would be very keen to buy it from you if you can get back to me with a price we can agree on.

    kind regards


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