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Merckx MX Leader


I am on hold on the sale at the moment – I am thinking I am going to wait until such time as I get a 60 or 61 to replace it.

UPDATE: This frame is for sale – 59CM C-C in good shape – comment if interested.
Sale would be FRAME ONLY.
There are scratches, wear and tear, this is NOT NOS – but – it rides true and straight, and is in a condition you would expect a frame of this vintage and history to be. The ONLY reason I am considering letting it go is it is just a little to small for me, else it would be my daily rider as my corsa extra is at this moment.
I will update the post with some detailed pictures soon.

From an internet connection out of a forum contact on Road Bike Review –
The MX Leader – The pinnacle of steel – Always wanted one of these –

Full Dura-Ace 8 Speed with the exception of the stem and seatpost
First day with the new MX Leader