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Sally’s First Century

August 8, 2009 100 Miles
Rangeley to Woburn Canada and back

The Route

Ride profile
Only 85 miles left to go !
A perfect road
30 miles out, first off the bike rest
Chain of ponds near Canadian border

A wet summer with few weekends that would afford such activities..

Since posting the shell of this last year, I thought I would edit it to be a little more ride descriptive for anyone interested in this years rendition.
So, from Rangeley the first leg is out to Stratton. – Thats somewhere around 18 miles out route 16. The road could be better, but traffic is light and the views are great. A left turn towards Eustis and we are on our way. A couple of miles on and there are fabulous views towards the Bigelow range. The road is much improved from here and is silky smooth with a shoulder. There is a great rest area along the river at mile 33 – From there a bit of a climb around chain of ponds – then over the boarder through customs – and around 5-10 miles the turn around in Woburn .. Before you know it, we are on our way back in..