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The DiNotte 400R Reviewed

And there was but one light to rule them all –

The DiNotte 400R is on it’s own as a class defining visibility apparatus for the demanding cyclist. One friend of my wife on observing hers while on a ride proclaimed “You could see that from the bloody moon!”

I am not a huge rider. 5-7K / Year. I commute and sport ride. All it takes is one mistake to take the dirt nap. Since running the 400R I have found WITHOUT DOUBT cars pay attention. Hell, most of them think they are approaching a fire truck or something – The point is they SLOW DOWN and MOVE AROUND unlike anything else.

I have a box full of old clip on lights and flashers. Novelties. The 400R is serious equipment for being seen and works.

Yes. It is expensive. No doubt about that. But put that price on the scales – What is a day in the ICU? For what this provides – this is a steal ! a bargain.

400R from the DiNotte Web Site

Click the photo for the DiNotte web site.

Couple of other things. These are made here. In the US. In New England for that matter. You can call them up. Have a real conversation with these people and be treated like the most important customer they ever had.

If you do call them up, tell them YellowBear sent you…

Here is a short movie of the 400R on my Corsa Extra. Anyone can make a light look bright at night. Where this light shines is during the day..