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November Walk Abouts


Did lots of hiking between Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.

While not an alpine start, we were able to head over early on Saturday morning and were on the trail before 10AM – which include a stop at the toy store to get some micro-spikes.

We did south moat over to middle moat and down into the col and back. Got to the car just at dark with no worries – all we had to do was drive to Jackson where we had a deluxe room and dinner reservations waiting for us at Christmas Farm. The room, the dinner and the staff were all great. I am sure we will be back. With another less than alpine start, and a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes and coffee, we headed up to pinkham notch and did some walk about.

My experience in the presidentials had always been from the north side (Randolph, lowes path to Grey Knob etc) In all my years up there I had never done the Tuckerman Ravine trail. We started up Tucks, decided to take the cut-off to huntington and Harvard cabin but were turned around by high water at the river crossing (think twenty nine degree water, icy boulders and fast moving current) so we swung around and got back on tucks and went up to lunch rocks. After a yummy hot chocolate and Rumple Minze we did the rock hopper back down the trail towards the lodge. We met up with a delightful couple out of Montreal and had a great chat in the shadow of the rock pile for the two miles back to the car.

It was a fun trip. Lot’s of miles, lots of elevation, lot’s of fun. The weather was one in a hundred for the area. Sunday temps stayed in the upper 20’s almost zero wind and cloudless blue skies.

In no particular order, some of my favorite shots from the trip.

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