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My earliest camera memory


My earliest camera memory was playing photographer with these two cameras. No film, I just ran around the house taking ‘pictures’. I was fascinated with the image, reversed in the frosted glass. I never had film – just an imagination.

These earliest boxes of magic are still in my possession. Though It had been many many years since I last had them out, I was immediately transported to the place where I was as a small boy taking imaginary pictures of my imaginary world. They had the same smell then as they do now – and I was amazed today, as I was then, with the quality of the ‘live view’.

The Graflex still has the box it came in – I don’t know the story of how or when my father first got it. It was an early camera for him. He always loved cameras. By the time we (my brother and I ) came around the wind seemed to be out of those sails. All that was left of this prior phase of his life was a couple of boxes of cameras and some dark room equipment. I discovered the darkroom equipment and in a few years when I was old enough I was winding and developing miles of plus-x and tri-x film. I am still in possession of that as well.

Last year, as we were tearing down the house and prepping to move my father, he asked if I had an extra camera. He wanted a digital camera, you know – to take pictures of things and to send them to people.
I had a couple beat up point and shoots around – but went out and bought him a little red Nikon CoolPix.

It was the least I could do.

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