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Pelican 1510 Case Reviewed.


Here is my review of the Pelican 1510 hardshell case. This is the 1510 with padded dividers (vs. the pluck foam). Additionally I added the organizer for the lid.

This is my third pelican case. I have a 1300 that I use to cary an SLR while out in the Kayak, I have a 1495 that carries my 17″ MacBook Pro. The reason this is my third case is this is the good stuff. Top shelf gear. Made in USA and guaranteed for life. After fitting my MacBook into the 1495, I had no reservation about standing squarely on top of the case.. There is still a shock and g factor to consider with the contents, but you could drive over these things.

Back to the 1510. I got this to securely store and transport my growing pile of photographic gear. The lid organizer and divider set are ideally suited to the photographer looking for a truly road worthy setup.

The divider insert comes with enough velcro panels to configure this anyway you could want. I think I only used half of them. I have two DSLR’s with 18-55’s as well as a 75-300. I have an SB900, SB700 and SU800, twelve spare batteries, filter set, Canon Vixia HF10 HD camcorder, camera bateries and chargers, a nifty pelican SD card holder, some camera care materials (sensor cleaner kit, brushes, blower, wipes) cables (USB and HDMI) external microphone and extension line. Lots of stuff. I still have some extra room. Time to buy more gear?

With the lid organizer, one has to mind how you pack. Over pack the mesh zip up pouches and they intrude on the space of the main compartment. The lid pouches are better served by holding smaller bits.

This is carry on ready and there is a stow away handle and rollers. The latch is super secure and there are metal reinforced holes to lock it up. The carry handles (one on the top, one on the side) are large and comfortable even when the case is loaded up. Thy have a soft rubber inset and are of a diameter to form a secure grip.

I am something of a fanboy of Pelican products. I am never a fan of fashion, but a fan of form and function. This is the good stuff. If you have a need to cary something around and you want to be sure it is as protected as it can by (excluding Shark Attack, Grizzly Bears and 5 year olds), look no farther than Pelican. They have you covered.


  1. I would have to agree. Got a Pelican 1510 this past November and it is pretty sweet. I’ve only used it a suitcase to carry around my clothes and Xbox, and it still had room left over.

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