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As I play with strobes, Light boxes, diffuser panels, umbrellas and more, I can alway’s count on my furry friends to model for me.

This was an SB900 in a 24″ light box directly overhead and an SB700 bounced off an umbrella and then through a panel. I held the SB700 to a negative 1EV.

All the stands, light box, and diffuser are on the cheap side. Made in China, via Cowboy Studio. I hate to do it, but I suppose it is for the same reason we buy so much from China. For less than the price of a single Lastolite softbox I got 3 stands, 3 umbrellas, a softbox, background support, a boom and 2 Five in One’s .


  1. That SB900 is a great flash.. I m still waiting to get another cheaper but nice flash for fill. I know what you mean about the china stuff.. I use the cowboy stuff also. I was lucky to get Dads light stands though. Great lighting.. wonderful shot.. Fun stuff and when winter sets in it keeps us in practice.

    • The 700 is a something of a mini 900 – It does everything the 900 does.

      I am wanting a third unit now – perhaps another 700.

      I use an SU800 as a commander – as the 5100 does not have one built in.

  2. Got a sb-28 for xmas .. off ebay.. in great condition.. do you use any of the wireless transmitters for when your flashes are hiden from the infared eye? and if so what ones do you use?

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