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Once more – To dirt


Did some diging in the dirt again today.


Crisp fall day, first snow of the season was last night, more on the way – And the time has come to lay Idgy down, for the ground to swallow her and bring her home.

I am no stranger to this. I have blogged about it before – Not to say it makes it any easier – just saying –

If you want the full measure of what a pet or loved one can teach you in life, follow it to the end. Only in death do we fully learn with true conviction it’s absolute and all consuming nature, and in facing it do we learn what life is all about.

I have been witness to the last beat of every pet’s heart but two in the last twenty-six years, and have lain them in the earth each but one. Nine times I have done this now, tomorrow morning I will do it again.

Thanks for the memories Idgy. Say hello to the others for me, tell them I will be along all to soon. For one day, but a moment this all shall seem and let us be forever mindful that the same fate awaits us all and vow to live each day as such.

Simple Gifts.

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