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Took a few auto-bracketd shots with the 5100 today.

I am trying to get a feel for when 1 stop vs. 1.5, 2 etc is warranted. I like the HDR that does not look like HDR, just a great tonal range – By the time you go full on with tone compression – well, it becomes more art like –

Lot’s to learn. Endless.

I need to start recording my shots – some kind of shot log.
I want to compare some subjects between using say a 1 stop spread vs. a 2 stop spread, on a three shot group, vs. a five shot group.
The auto bracket in the 5100 is only good for three shots – and it is handy compared to the manual approach with my D40 on prior efforts. My next experiment is – for the same ‘shot’ what is the difference in result of a three shot group with a 2 stop spread or would it be better a five shot group with a 1 stop spread.


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