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Got to see Pat Metheny with Larry Grenadier yesterday in Somverville.

Great small and intimate setting which was ideal for the type of show – Just Pat and Larry.

We were only around 25-30 feet back from the stage. Great seats. Felt more like a small tight jazz club. The Somerville theater was a great setting. The unusual (for me) thing was the show started at 5PM. We drove to Alewife, took the red line to Davis and walked around in the amazing indian summer that was up and down the Northeast last weekend.

The surprise guest of the show was Orchestrion – We had also seen that tour and were surprised that he lugged all that gear along just for ONE SONG. Wow.

He is in NYC at the Blue Note the rest of the week, so for my NYC friends – check it out, you will be glad you did.

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