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Glad I hung on to my D40


I was, at the time of purchasing my D5100, thinking of selling my first Nikon, the D40. I had not researched it much but if pressed to guess figured I would have been abel to get between $100 and $200 for in on the bay. I would have been wrong. A D40 in good condition is $300 to $400. Mine is in great condition. Check out what Ken Rockwell has to say about it.

I am in my third renaissance of photography since getting the D5100. The first was back in the early 70’s when I discovered my fathers darkroom equipment in a box in storage. I had my mom’s Canon 35mm viewfinder (marked ‘made in occupied japan’) and would burn through miles of black and white. I upgraded to some OM1, 2 an 3 series cameras and lenses in the film years. I even dabbled in color in the lab once or twice.

The second renaissance was digital. My first digital photograph was with an Apple QuickTake 100.

I borrowed it from where I was working and took a few snaps around the house. That had to be somewhere around 1994 -1995. These are the earliest digital photographs in my catalogue. Things did not take off until I owned my own digital camera which was to be a Sony Mavica.

If you have progressed through the digital photography time line as well, I am sure you recognize this. It took 3.5 ” floppy disks and I was running thousands of them through this. At nearly a mega-pixal it was an amazing rig. Can you imagine? .8 mega-pixals? I was thrilled with it, and, sadly, this is one camera I did not retain for the museum that is my attic storage (still have nikor film tanks up there). I donated the Mavica to someone less fortunate when I moved up to another Sony point and shoot. From there it was to a cannon point and shoot, then the D40 and now the D5100. I can not recall exactly when I took my last photograph using film, but it has to be nearly fifteen years ago now.

Oh, and my third renaissance is studio lighting. The ability to use off camera lighting is a new thing to me and I am loving it.

In writing this, I am thinking it would be a fun exercise in lighting to dig out the old gear and take some product shots.


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