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Light is what you make it


So, My lighting purchase is complete for now.

I picked up an SB-900 (The Master Blaster)

Then an SB-700 (which has me wondering if I needed the 900)

Then the SU-800 to rule them all –

This plus a stand, two umbrellas (reflective black / silver and a translucent white) and a selection of gels.

That completes a basic kind of minimum lighting set up. I have some seamless on the way as well as a hand held reflector / diffuser.

I have been rolling through some class work on Lynda.com and need to shout out to Jim Sugar and Ben Long – Worth a sign up to Lynda if you are not a member. Ben is perhaps the most well spoken presenter of any courseware up there and I have over 220 hours of course work viewed. I have also been browsing Ken Rockwell’s pages. Great information, but that site could use some design work. If you are a bicyclist, Ken Rockwell is to photography as Sheldon Brown was to bicycles.

The fall is a season of great light. Long shadows, foliage, and seasonal subjects.

Light’s what you make it.

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