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And for me, tonight, it is the weekly cross camp that I have been going to. I have enjoyed it, learned much and am thankful that Paul has done such a fine job.

Tonight was some barrier drills and some work on some nasty hilly tape mazes – great practice. But it was / should be just that. Practice. There were no medals, prizes or podiums. That did not prevent this one guy from cutting me off to pass over barriers, throwing out his bike to the side in the process and forcing me off the course. I guess he was practicing being a DICK HEAD and from my point of view, he did not need any more practice. He was good at it. Proved it again trying to pass in the tape mazes.

I know it is the competitive thing – I am down with that – but there is a time for that, and a time to hang that up. If you can not control your behavior around others, thinking EVERYTHING is about being a big swinging dick, then, Fuck off Ass Hole. We make choices, how to behave, how to treat others. Some of us are more secure than others I guess. I make choices as well, and my choice is to avoid hanging around with such butt monkeys.

Some parting shots – It was a beautiful night out there – Thanks again Paul.

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