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Things come and go – I have had an on and off thing with photography since I was ten years old or so – still have the tanks and trays up in the attic. They were my Dads. Not much call for that gear anymore. Same goes for the box of film cameras I have. Paperweights I guess… Life goes on, things come and go. Thats a good thing that sometimes leaves melancholy in it’s wake.

The summer has to go – Real cold these past couple of nights. More that usual I am resisting the change – futile, but resistance none the less.

This will be a summer of great memories – quality adventures, some yet to come perhaps – but what is certain is the change of season is here.

That shot captures summer as good as any. (Not the best thumbnail, click so you see what I am talking about)

I have been reading some material on photography, came across Topaz Adjust – A sweet plugin for PhotoShop. Great for tone mapping and shaping. They have trial licensing – worth a look. It is as simple and straight forward to use as can be.

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