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Got some new kit off the bay recently.

I found Non Stop Ciclismo.gear on ebay, and I have to say if you are looking for kit, check them out. They also have a nice web presence. Top notch sale, service – all you could ask for. They immediately refunded some shipping, and I had my swag in record time. Great communications etc. Check them out.

I needed something to ride in that was un-attached for the few races I enter each cross season. I love the Blue Steel kit, it’s just that I feel odd wearing it when I am not participating in team camps, and am so far away from the team bases. It was nice to meet them last season, and ride in the colors (which are one of the nicest looking kits in the region if you ask me) but – I think I will rock a somewhat more colorful version of ‘UNATTACHED’ this year.

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