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So much for Irene


Come and gone.
We dodged a bullet. Twice.

The storm ran to the west of us, so we got wind but only 2.5 inches of rain.

The wind peaked at around 45 and at the time of this writing (9PM Sunday night) it is almost quiet again. There are plenty of people in the dark tonight, but we are not counted among them. The power winked a couple of times, and we were (gasp) without internet for a couple of hours, but the lights stayed on. I stepped out to take some movies and pictures – and down the driveway I noticed that a six inch diameter branch snapped off an ancient ash tree that lives halfway up the driveway. The second bullet we dodged was it actually bounce off the 400 foot long power line as it made its way to earth – that explained one of the flickers in the lights we noticed today.

The horror

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