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It IS a job – and should be your first job


No surprise. I did some riding this week.

Wednesday was week two of cross camp. It was, “The Spanking Part II”. Don’t get me wrong – I love doing it. I am secure enough to know that a CAT I rider is going to pummel me without breaking a sweat. I take no offense to being dropped with little or no effort. For me the win is learning from these people as well as having the stones to go get hammered week after week. You have to keep going at it. It’s a job.

My Stats from week two at cross camp

If I am ever to have a hope at getting better, becoming more fit I need to view daily intense exercise as a job. Job one. Without a primary focus it is easy to sleep in, skip a workout, eat poorly. I find that on days, like today, where I ride in like I stole it – I have more motivation for the rest of the day, improved focus, better and more positive outlook and more energy despite leaving it all out on the road at the start of the day. I threw it down this morning. I thought I had a new record, but alas it was only second best time ever. Best for this year, but still fifty seconds off the best time.

My chart from Friday's Ride to Work.

Only for a moment was I disappointed that I did not set a new personal best time. I am not saying that second best is good enough – I am saying that trying – really trying – is all you can ever ask. And only you know if you did all you could.

At my desk, after my commute.

So I have the ride home ahead of me – All up hill. Always a challenge. I blogged about my personal best on this last year. It will take a lot to beat that – I am carrying more weight this year vs. last – and am not in top shape. We shall see what the day brings – But one thing is for sure, I will be strapping on the cleats and having at it again this afternoon.

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