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All you can do –

So, the ride home tonight.

I thew it all down on the ride in, worked all day, felt good – and then comes the time to ride home. It was almost like an event – I was a little nervous in anticipation knowing I was going to try and set the record. My record.

I felt great, I rode real well. My times at most of my mental checks was great.

The stats from my ride home

It was much the same as the last time, a little over a year ago when I set my best time. I was the first one home, had to feed the dogs, cats, hydrate, then eat etc.. It was only until much later when I loaded the GPS data into ascent that I was able to figure out where I landed. I had the time and average speed again on the display, but ascent figures my moving time – I had two foot down stops tonight. So, It was a good time but alas, once more it was second best. I missed my best this morning by 50 seconds and tonight, I got second best by coming in 31 seconds back.
So, I hunker down and write this and will have to wait until next week to have at it again.
It’s all I can do.

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