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Need a good bag


And I have many –

Did fifty miles Sunday – a ride in the AM with my pal Pattie, then home – and right back out with my pal Sal –

We went into Cumberland, toured the fairgrounds then stopped at a nice little farm stand.

Sally was just going to browse around when I reminded her that I had my bag – which you would not know unless I mentioned it. See, my bag today was my Timbuk2 hidden messenger. I had it in the middle pocket of my jersey and was able to pop it out, ‘inflate it’ and fill it with goodies for dinner from the market.

I have been a big fan and loyal customer of Timbuk2 since I got my first bag when I was living on 1st street in San Francisco, not far from the factory. That bag is still going strong sixteen years later. The only reason I have purchased others over the years is for features or gifts. I use one for my briefcases that holds my MacBook Pro 17″ and all the trimmings (while cycle commuting) a smaller messenger for century rides and my hidden messenger for impromptu trips to the farm stand.

The duality for Timbuk2 is – This stuff lasts forever. Good in that you only need buy one…but…

Also, most of their product is made in SF CA USA –

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