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Motherless Child


Since as long as I can remember I was aware that I had two mothers. The mother who adopted me, and someone else, somewhere else. Somewhere around the age of sixteen I became aware of the someone else –

Earlier this year, I lost the mother who adopted me.

Today, I lost the mother who had the courage and conviction to do what was right.

I hardly knew you Dorothy, but in me – you live as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

Dorothy (Left) and Betty.
Betty (left) and Dorothy

They were sisters, they were my mothers, they are gone.
Right now?
I do not think I have ever felt so alone.

I bathe in inky black melancholy and sadness
I clutch I grasp, the descent into madness

I gasp for air yet none is found
the night is thick without a sound

Left alone to feel this way
I still can’t bring my self to pray


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