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I watched Stone Cold again last night. It’s a good movie, well shot – well done, but the music – it is an example of a perfect match of mood between the movie and it’s music.

Last time I watched it, I looked up who did the music. I enjoy the soundtrack genre as such – love work from Two Steps from Hell, Hans Zimmerman etc… I discovered that the music was by Jeff Beal. I also discovered that the CD was out of print and simply unavailable anywhere and it was not downloadable from iTunes or any other outlet available.

I found Jeff’s web page and his email address and dropped him a note. I basically pled that he someday get the music for this movie (series of movies actually) up on iTunes. I hit send – never really expecting a reply, but a reply I got and only three hours later.

The reply contained a link to a zip with all the music and the cover scans and a note saying thanks for being a fan and that if I could, donate what ever works to his paypall reminding me that an iTunes download was typically ten bucks. I paypalled him twenty with a nice thank you message.

Thanks Jeff.

I can not adequately describe the mood I find myself in when ever I hear those four soft chords – Sad, yes – hopeful – that too – centered? absolutely. Somber spirited resolve.

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