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Cheated Death Once More –


Despite my best efforts –

I had just come down the ramp – saw the gap – and was going to bolt across Route 1 and hang a left for the final stretch to work this morning. The gap was not…. big…. I stood up and fired the guns. Snap. Torqued my rear axel out causing massive frame and brake rub. Picture skidding wobble stop and no more forward pedaling allowed, oh yes – and picture this in the middle of US Route 1 on a busy morning. Now – picture me trying to get back out of the road in my Sidi’s slipping as if on ice much to the anger of the motorists now blocked and avoiding me. Sweat is running down my face and I am soaked on this warm morning. I am not happy.

The inner serrated ring on the lever side of the QR is found to be cracked and separated and no more leverage was ever going to come out of that QR ever again. So – there I was broken down. I tried a couple of times fix it – so I could soft pedal my way to work – but there was no getting the ride running again this morning.

So began my first day back to work after the holiday weekend. Sunday – Sucked. Monday, well that sucked to. Monday night? that sucked big time. Tuesday morning? Yep. That also sucked.

Not sure what I am most disappointed in – Not getting the miles in and out today? or that SUV missing me.


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