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What a Day.

I have arrived
Welcome to Letter D. Population ZERO. My Kind of Town

This was the third edition of this ride. It does not get easier over time.

While not much by big boy standards, it was a kick in the ass to me.

Same profile – same ride. The only thing that changes is the weather. This year it was sunny and between 72 – 76 and ….
Windy. 17 knots, gusting to 22. Woops.

The start; (click the images for a large version)

First 100' up - 6,300 to go

Thirty Miles out –

Generally, great roads with minimal traffic –

A ways into the ride – and I saw this the first year – exists a strange totem that speaks to me.
If you know me, you get it;

There were some down hills with sweeping views towards what was to come

Time to cross the river and get on with it,

The Androscoggin

After the town of Mexico, it’s a wonderful ride up another river valley heading towards letter D and the big climb of the day. I did not stop to pan for gold, the views were enough for me.

The profile for the ride is one of gradual climbing for around 85 miles followed by some exciting climbing with compelling views for the next 24

The Ride Profile

I was hoping that the wind would ease up as the day went on, or that I would be sheltered from it in the lee of the mountains. This was not to be the case. The mountains seemed to funnel and direct the wind right down the valleys which is where roads were built. Note the grasses in the field.

So if the wind were not enough – The skies started to could up and the temperature was dropping as I started to climb up to Letter D.

The winter is rough on the roads in this part of the world, and I have no problem with that. A call to my ‘advance team’ when I was in Mexico and had cell reception informed me that there was “a little road work going on, but no problems”

There were in fact, no problems. It was Sunday, so there was no work being done as I made my way through the site and up to the vista. Turns out, a large part of the road improvements is to open up a large pull out so people can enjoy this wonderful view from here.

Just up the road from that vista, is another one looking out towards my destination – the far end of the lake, now only 20 miles away.

I avoided Dodge pond hill. It is shorter, but the pavement is the pits – So I opted for mingo loop on the way in – Great little vistas and views, quite peaceful road for the last few miles.

Before I knew it, I was on ‘cemetery hill’ and heading for home at 47 miles per hour

I paused for the obligatory success photo

Had a nice hot shower, then enjoyed a refreshing adult beverage with the one I love in a place I love

So there it is.

The Killer Century Through Letter D 2011 edition.

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