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Three days in June


The June Bar Harbor trip has come and gone – Two outstanding days, one on the cross bike and one on the road. There are great trips, and there are great trips.

This was a great trip…

Day one was cross bikes on carriage roads – What a gift the park and those roads were. Every time we ride them we enjoy it more.

The weather could have been warmer – some in and out sunshine at times, but mostly cloudy would be how most would describe it.

We entered the park at duck brook road, hung a left and down to Eagle Lake.

To the left, around the lake, over to and up Day Mountain, then over to Jordan Pond House then ’round the mountain (sergeant)

One of the great things about this trip – Though we are older, the ride was never easier. This was where we spent our honeymoon 26 years ago – and we did most of the same rides then – but the us of then would never have kept pace with the us of today.

The weather held off for most of the day – while chilly, nothing like a long climb to warm up the old bones – The descent however was a bit chilly – with some showers to really help cool things down.

We rolled all the way down, back into town and hit up a view of the sunset from the bar from which the town gets it’s name.

That right there was enough to make the trip worth while – BUT WAIT – THERE IS MORE!

Saturday held more sun – thought still cool though. Time for road bikes.

And there it was, the reason we keep coming back to do this trip. Dripping with beauty at every turn.

If I were going to shoot pictures for a bike catalogue, this is where I would do it.

We did a lap around the park, then a lap up to the top of Cadillac – the classic climb in the park. It was easier than it was 26 years ago.

The clouds were thicker which was perhaps a good thing, as it was cool for the climbing.

We bombed down – Sally was fearless on the descent – we got to the bottom then went right back around for another lap.

The profile (elevation) is something to see …

Just does not get better than that..


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