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Last october I was privileged to do ‘fifty on fifty’ with my favorite riding partner – And this week, I was privileged once again to have her join me on my edition of the same event. We are the both of us committed to riding our age each birthday and seeing just how far out we can take it. Eighty on Eighty anyone ?

For fifty we wanted something sweet – Not like we are all that, but fifty is not that big a deal – so we put some snap in it by climbing.

Here is that day – in pictures. Click to enlarge.

Heading out - low in the valley.
The 'Swift' was indeed swift
Perfect road, perfect skies - a perfect day ahead
First pit stop - no bare ground to be found -
Last of the flat before the big tilt up
The vistas along the climb were closed and covered in snow
A small pond on the way up - It will be a while before the ice is out here
onward and upward - steady 8%
Views open up - So do the lungs
Another turn, another pitch
We love this ride - For good reason
Cresting the summit
Obligatory pose at the sign - Not even half way there (miles)
Made possible by -
The drop down was -- Exciting
Saw this a few times this day -
A for effort - but soon to be turned around again
The last few miles back -
A spectacular day was coming to a close
One more time over the bridge
Until next time -

We will be back again in a couple of weeks – to do it all again, but this time – over the closed notch roads as well.


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