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April Wind


I rode today.

That I rode at all was great. I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk between C7-C8 last week. Did a week on steroids and fistfuls of Oxy. It hurt. More than a little – it was not at all like being licked by kittens.

I got on the trainer yesterday to see if I could in fact ride at all, and was pleased with the way it felt. So, with the sun out we set off for a 30 or so mile ride. It was windy – Very Windy.

Heading out

It was all down hill, with a killer tailwind, then we cut across Yarmouth to the park
Lots of watter

The water was running down with Royal with much enthusiasm.
Rumble of the river

A quick recharge then on our way

Still winter - Not quite spring

Water on the side of the road was frozen, and most of the snow from our April Fools storm was still on the ground.

Ice not out just yet
Ponds Still Frozen

Other than the river, there was no open water. I am guessing that at this rate, and with the forecast – that is several weeks away.

All up hill and into the 30 knot wind

After the turn in Yarmouth, it was all uphill and into a wind that was steady at 20 with gusts to 33. That was HC. Especially for such an early ride.

Across the Windy Fields

Back over the way we came through Yarmouth heading for the suck

Back to downtown Yarmouth

The final eight miles was all up hill and directly into the wind.
I pulled over and stopped – Prior to the final assault

Had to stop

It was welcome relief. Five more miles would find us home.

Home again

From the NWS –

Wind Direction Plot

Wind Speed Plot


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