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Here we go again –


Building up another Merckx –
This year it is the white NOS Corsa. I got the frame from da bay last summer – from France. Still had the factory tags and wrap on it. True NOS.

I would love to throw a period 8 or 9 speed Dura-Ace group on it – but I am tapped out with scrounging up such gems. Instead I went with a full Rival group and Mavic wheels.

Just need to get the bottom bracket and headsets taped and tooled and I will be ready to ride this beauty.

Dry Fit
Corsa being dry fit with new parts

When I first got the frame, someone told me I was crazy to get a white frame – way too plain. It is basic, but I regard the white / red / black thing going on as rather…. Hot.

Not sure I will ever have one of each, but I am closer than most !

Here my daily ride is next to it’s new brother …

Can’t wait to ride it.

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