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And so it begins again


After a few weeks off – A new year brings a new season and an opportunity to look at the year gone by.

I rode the same as I did last year. On the last and first days of the year. This year it was a wee bit warmer though. I think it was two years ago now that it was 5 degrees and windy – that was a short ride.

First ride of 2011
First ride of 2011

This year the temperature was nearly 50 degrees and I was out for a couple of hours. With the time off, I felt like I had not been out for months –

I was hoping for more miles on the end of year total – but no complaints. It seems each year I start out with a plan and a pledge that ‘THIS is the year I break 10K’ and I only end up eeking out 5.

So with a pledge to ride more, race more, and commute to work by bike more –

My new year begins right here. On the bike, just the way I ended the year before.

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