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In an effort to find something unique for my best friends birthday – And a big one at that… I thought I might replace the desktop that we were preparing to install in her newly remolded office / den / nook with something special.

I recalled our visit to Sharps lumber last summer while at RDC and was inspired to do this;
Cherry Desktop Slab

Steve was able to find me a cherry tree that was waiting for just such a job.
Cherry Slab

2.5 inches thick, 32 inches wide and 70 inches long. This is a beast.
I figure it must weigh in at around two hundred and fifty pounds at least.
I asked Steve to leave one live edge on – I like the look.

So, it has been a while – but the reward is near.
Today was spent drilling the hangers, fitting the cleat on the wall (the desk will ‘float’ as in there will be no legs or obstructions underneath). Sally did the research on finish and we went with Watco Danish Oil (clear) and I buffed in five coats. Now, we wait for a few days for that to dry and apply a hard semi-gloss water base coating to finish it off..
Cherry Slab

The result is impressive. The sheer mass of this has an effect of creating a surface similar to a granite slab.

I will post a couple of shots at final installation –

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