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As of today I have done just about all I am going to do to my Merckx Professional and I pronounce this build complete. The last addition was DuraAce Aero levers, 3TT Stem and Cinelli bars.

Merckx Professional

If you know me – you know I have a thing for the Merckx brand. This was my second frame, first collector after my 1XM primary rider. I got it for a song off Ebay over a year ago now – and slowly built it up to represent that period when everything was changing.

A little old school

That time when index shifting was legitimized and in the pro peloton, but still via down-tube levers. Brifters (integrated shifting on the break levers) were still a couple years away.
A little new school

Aero break levers were fresh on the scene – The cable wrapped along the handlebar for that clean aero look.

Eight speed indexed shifting with aero break levers, a frame of Columbus SLX tubes and you were ready to ride with Andy over the Gavia – if only you had the legs. Just add the newly introduced Look clipless pedals and you were styling.
It was 1988.
Hampsten on the Gavia in '88

So there it is,
My tribute in alloy and steel. A rideable relic that is collectible art that you can take out and use for the purpose it was built for.

Four of my seven Mercx bikes are now road ready – and ride them all.

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