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Two Steps from Hell


I have been both enjoying and hating Two Steps from Hell. I discovered this music by accident a month or so ago. You can find Invincible on ITunes. If you enjoy listing to music while working out, I suggest you get this.
Anyway –
This music is to blame for both great success and great suffering – As most motivational aids can be.

Take tonight for example.

Nothing like coming home from a long day at work, strapping on the heart rate monitor, putting on the cleats and climbing on to the high-tech torture chamber that is the Tacx. This is the third season I have been using this and it is a true love hate relationship.

The trainer has a live video mode (amongst others) that allows me to ride sections of the Tour of Flanders. They shot video on a motorbike just in front of the release of riders one year. This film, combined with elevation data is played back on the computer which hooks up to the trainer. When the course climbs, the pedaling gets harder – you get the idea. The next step to hell is you get prior performances and ride against them. Nothing like having yourself breathing down your neck to get you to up the pace – The last step to hell is that music. I have a habit of pulling muscles and getting wasted while riding with it on.

Tonight was no exception. I was at the very edge of consciousness towards the end of the ride and it was fully thirty minutes before I was sure I was not going to hurl. Yum.

It is addictive. It is a drug. Looking forward to another hit tomorrow.

Try it.


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