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While I may have met my initial goal, starting in a cross race, this year – I have been hankering to get back in the pack and do a couple more before the season is out.

Recent family events (namely the passing of my father in-law) have kept me close to home and the demands for my time for other traditional fall pursuits such as leaf raking and wood stacking have me with precious little time left for thoughts of cross racing. Oh yeah, and forget that it’s NaNoWriMo. You would think November would be a safe lazy month, time to cocoon, thoughts of approaching winter and large dinners. Nope.

I have been doing my best to stay in shape though. A couple of long rides on the street here and there, and on the trainer more inside now as we loose the light and the weather to the darkness and gloom of the season. I had a record September, October and on my way to a record November for miles on the bike.

Trying to look pro and failing
Trying to look pro, and failing.

Next year (don’t we always say that ) Next season – I hope to ride a full schedule. This way I can plan and train for it as apposed to this year where half way in I thought it would be a neat idea and got a bike and signed up for a local race. I do need to train for it though. Despite five thousand miles, I need some specific training for cross, oh, and dropping another twenty pounds….


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