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Time to get cross


This is about number eighteen.

The household now has eighteen bikes. Four belong to Sally, which means I now have fourteen bikes.

Season before last I got a brand new Specialized Tri-Cross comp. Nice bike. I built it out with fenders, front and rear racks, lights etc. It is my winter commuter and rocks the Nokian studs when the weather demands it.

In the summer we do some cross riding while in Holderness NH. The run over Sandwich notch has become a staple event on the yearly calendar. Last July was no exception, and one of my oldest friends and a friend of his, both cross racers, came along for the ride. It was then that the seed was planted to start a cross race this season.

So my choice was to either tear down the Tri-Cross ( a pain in the ass for sure) or.. buy a race bike. Any excuse to buy another bike.
So welcome number eighteen.

The specs;
Redline Conquest Team
Ritchey WCS carbon fork
Ritche WCS Stem
FSA energy bars
King head set
Thomson masterpiece seat post
Fizik Aliante saddle
Paul Neo-Retro Canti’s
Swissstop Green pads (new)
SRAM Red Levers
Ultegra FD
GXP Cranks
Egg Beater Candy (with cleats)


It came without wheels so I moved over the set that was on the Tri-Cross while I figure that part out.


Got the whole thing from the nicest guy on Ebay you could want to do business with.

Not new, for sure – but not a thing wrong with it. I had the whole thing built and tuned up in a couple of hours after pulling it out of the box.

now, a dab of this;
Some rain and some mud…

In case you don’t know what it is all about;

TRANSITION: An American Cyclo-Cross Season TRAILER

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