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Another day, another best time


Last week I set a personal best time for my commute both to and from the office.

Commuting by bike is great. Pump you up in the morning, wind down at night – lower your carbon foot print, put your metal down – what you are made of..

Now for me, bike commuting is first and foremost a way to burn calories while doing the 9-5 grind. A way to get miles in. Most days, I am just trying to get in and out without drama – but – I almost always have the garmin mounted to whatever I am riding and I am keeping track of things with ascent.

The last few rides have been on my Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra – You may have seen pictures in prior posts. This is a twenty year old steel bike. A classic. Something people in the know lust over. A gem.

I have commuted on my Cross bike, with fenders and racks, on my Full Carbon 1XM (also Merckx) and lately, the Corsa Extra. In two days I will mark my one year anniversary of this new job, and new commute.

I am not sure where the motivation or fitness is coming from. But it is here. And I am enjoying every minute of it.

Tonight I took back nearly a minute on my prior impossible time and I am still not leaving work thinking “tonight I break the record”

There is nothing quite like the feeling of your heart pounding, legs pumping, grinding up the hill (yeah, all up hill on the way home) and feeling like you own it.

Here is to younger next year and Cycling Past 50.

August 17, 2010 commute home profile from Ascent
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