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Record Rides – both in and out


When I can, I really try to ride to work. Today is Thursday and I have not been on the bike since a short recovery ride last Sunday after the RWRCR. Various things got in the way, like driving to CT to take my dad to the hospital etc..

Today however was a great day to ride to work. Cool and clear.

I wanted to get back on the Corsa Extra – after some tweaks here and there and also after dropping in the new Mavic wheels that Jack was able to score for me. I put a new set of Conti 4000’s on them to celebrate.

Without going for it, as a direct goal, I was able to set a record time on the ride in this morning. Now, the ride into work is pretty much all down hill. A few rollers, nothing special. I was feeling strong and it showed. On the way back out of work, again without a specific goal, I absolutely destroyed my best time to date. A great result would be to take back a minute on a fifteen mile ride. Tonight I took back over three. And this on a fifteen year old classic steel bike with an early eight speed groupo.

Success is infectious. Get some, and you want to go looking for more – Looking forward to a good hard ride Saturday morning. Ring me up if you are around.

After the record return home, The Corsa Extra is parked for a picture

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