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A view to dream on


Simple yet complete.

As I grow older, I seem to appreciate ‘light’ more..

Last Friday we had just arrived in Rangeley for the RWRCR and there were some summer showers rolling around. Around 4PM it was clearing and the light was breaking through. I took the opportunity to set up my tripod and snap 5 shots for an HDR merge and came up with this. Click for larger – (MUCH larger)

HDR from the 'boat house'

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. A great HDR Photo.. Glad its easier to post a comment here. I will check out the software. Yes I agree. Great light is so fun to work with. I long for a thunderstorm or the colors of an early morning sunrise or a sun-set with great color. I think I like Autumn time best just because of the light it offers up. The harsh sun of the summer gone.

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