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Year two of this great ride is behind us. We were lucky to have some great company this year that made for a great ride and a fantastic weekend. The weather was nearly perfect – cool starting out, almost chilly (well, ok, yes – it was chilly and you were right – arm warmers were prudent) The temperature was between 64-68 most of the day. We had a brisk headwind most of the way out but nothing epic and provided a significant lift on the way back.

(Warning – Clicking into the images will load LARGE files – not a problem.. but if you are on a slow connection…..)

4 miles down, 97 to go

The ride is relatively flat. There are a few hills but no heart stoppers. The profile;

Saturday's Ride Profile

The map of the route is pure out and back. The plan is a simple one – Ride out until your mile measurement device of choice reads 50, add a little for margin of error, then make a 180 and head for home.

Ride route

My measurement device of choice is the garmin 705 and when plugged into Ascent, I get the great maps and profiles shown. It was interesting that all 5 devices had a milage reading that was within .9 miles at the end of the day.

A couple of nice features of the ride are the views. Early on, around mile twenty-two we are welcomed by pleasant vistas in the town of Eustis. Across the back waters of Flagstaff lake jut the mountains of the Bigilow range.

Along the shore

Not much further on, we are reminded just where we are going…

We stopped at a roadside picnic area just before the hills around the chain of ponds .. We could see the progress on the Kibby mountain wind project. I liked how it looks, towers of power from the same wind we were fighting up the road.

After a few hills around the Chain of Ponds.. We were at the boarder before we knew it. Nearly half way there. The Canadian customs official was very pleasant and was sure to stamp our passports as a souvenir. Not far from customs we stopped for a group photo –


It was only a few miles up the road to Woburn – and the rather anti-climatic turn around for home. It was good to have the wind at our backs and we made great time. The views from Chain of Ponds was much better in this direction.

Chain of Ponds

Looking out at this I cant help but think of Arnold and his journey to Quebec. His story is an interesting one and something I keep in mind as I travel this section of the route. We ride the Arnold trail from Stratton to Woburn, some forty miles during this trip.

Jack just misses a moose on the ride out

We rode like the wind on the run back, with food and drink calling us on, the miles flew by and there was little late day dragging to be found. Just outside of town we all hit the 100 mile mark and before you knew it we were lakeside once more.

Only one thing left to do now –

An important aspect of any big ride is recovery beverages. Something designed to restore your aching muscles and put you in the proper frame of mind – to go out and do it all over again…

Hope to see you next year –

Michael and Sally

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