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Number Four – Nearly Done


I now have five of them –
A Professional, A Corsa, a Corsa Extra, an MX Leader and my main ride, the 1XM

The last couple of evenings I scavenged most of the parts off my Roberts MAX (which needed to be stripped anyway) and moved them over to my recently acquired Corsa Extra-

And the results of the first rough fit out –

First Build Out

It’s all eight speed Dura-Ace 7400 with the exception of the campy seat post and the wheel set. I have some MA40’s for wheels and just need to swap rear hubs – Not that concerned with the seat post.

The pedals will get keo’s when I am ready to actually ride it. The only other component swap I would like would be wider bars. I need to shorten up the SIS cable housing a bit, and replace the front break housing , adjust the dangle of the bars and hight of the brifters – add some fresh tape and…. Done.. White on the tape? I hate to do it – never stays white long.. but what else would you do?

Number Four
Almost there

Next up is the NOS White Corsa – Only problem with that one is I am out of components – I was thinking of just a stock 105 group (new) for that..


Found these, thought I would share –

1990 Catalogue

1990 Corsa

Cover of 1990 Merckx Catalogue

Checkout the excellent Tears for Gears and The Serial number List at Cadre.org


  1. Hi, Michael. I’m a friend of Sally’s – she sends me your blogs every now and then. Just read the one about her dad and your bike ride for DC and was very touched by it – somehow I missed that you were such a biker dude (well, I knew you rode, I just didn’t know you had like 5 or 6 bikes that you worked on yourself)so I read around your site some more and enjoyed all my readings.
    Well – back to my other tasks.
    Have a good ride, Michael.

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