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Now accepting applications


So, with many people expressing interest – I thought I would, somewhat jokingly, formalize the process.

Rangeley to Woburn and back. 100 miles even – Mostly flat.

Plan is to Arrive at the boathouse on Friday August 6. Ride out and back on the 7th and have a big feed that night, and drive home on Sunday.
Rain dates (called by Thursday prior) push it out by a week, and should need be, another..

If you don’t know, or have not been there, we have some humble accommodations. We can sleep quite a few and camping on the lawn is always and option. As long as you don’t mind the night time call of loons over the waves lapping on the shore of the lake… We are right on the lake in Downtown Rangeley.

This is a no-drop ride. NOT a hammer fest. Feel like getting hammered? Then you are welcome to join me on the North Yarmouth > Rangeley ride.
This IS an outstanding first century for the casual rider. You should be able to handle 6 hours in the saddle to consider riding it… but there are no killer hills and the traffic is light, and for most of the way, the pavement is perfect with wide shoulders. The ride will not split into A and B groups. We all start together and we all finish together. You are expected to have your act together and a mechanically sound ride, be able to support yourself if you flat etc.. There are a couple of stores along the way but there are vast sections with nothing but wilderness – which makes this the ride it is – Be able to carry water and food for 40 miles..

EDIT > Oh, and a passport is helpful 🙂

If you know me, you know how to reach me – If you don’t and found this blog post via some other means, but want to do some really cool riding along the Maine / Canada boarder this summer, then you can find me via comments.

For photo’s and more from last year visit last year’s write up.

Many more that a dozen and I will call it closed – That just gets to be a lot of people. I am not worried though – Chances are it will just be me and my best bud again this year, which is fine by me..

A perfect road

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