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It is not if, but when to go again


I am starting to plan the next assault on my nemesis ride, from my home in Cumberland County to that tiny little hamlet in Franklin county. Two weeks ago I got slapped down – While I made it to the top of the hill, there were a few stings in the tail that I was not able to complete. For your amusement, I provide the profile from Mexico to where I got off the bike

Anatomy of a meltdown

With the regularly scheduled trip to Holderness fast approaching I am not sure when I can get the time to do this – Or, if I will do it solo again (plenty of people have said they want to but when it comes right down to it, they never do) What I would like to do this time is do the ride up – then the next day to Rangeley > Woburn Canada >Rangeley – for back to back century rides. That would be the ticket.
Oh, and the graph – The blue profile is just that – the climb profile. Notice it trends upward. The red line is my heart – that does not drop all that much.. The green line is my cadence – When that goes to zero it means that I have stopped pedaling, and on a hill like that, basically means I stopped. I had to stop a few times on the way up, never recovered, then told my self I was going to get off the bike until my pulse was below 100 – 45 minutes later it was 110 – I was in heat exhaustion heading for heatstroke. A few more miles and I got off the bike for good.

The more I ride – The more I want to ride.

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