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Recovering Nicely


It has been just over a week now since I flailed on the killer century. I was wasted and near full on heat stroke at mile ninety. It was NOT like being licked by kittens.

So, yes – I was not in the same shape I was last year when I did it – both in terms of miles on the bike and weight on the bod (perhaps connected? hmm…) BUT… I was not in that bad of shape either. My legs are toned and fit and my CV system is up to the task. What got me was a hundred hard miles in the hot sun. It was the hottest day of the year, it was windy and I did not have nearly enough fluids and fuel in me for such a task. One more factor was rest – I could have slept better the night before.

I have 200 miles in this week – not bad. My ass is growing back the skin I chafed off.. and my legs feel great thus proving…

That which does not kill me makes me stronger

Bring it.

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