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Kancamagus -third and final Sagamore of the Panacook Confederacy of Native American tribes. Nephew of Wonalancet and grandson of Passaconaway, Kancamagus ruled what is now southern New Hampshire. Known as The Fearless One.

Well, thats the back story to the name –

Saturday the 24th of April was our annual trip up Kancamagus Highway. The weather was absolutely perfect with light winds, sunny skies and mild temperatures.

Route Profile

We started the ride from the same place as last year – a picnic area on the pasaconaway road. By the time we were rolling it was around 10:30 and there was no need for warmers – It was only minutes down the road that we passed the first of many cyclists we would see this day.
It is always interesting to me on starting a long ride – I know I am going to be in the saddle for five hours – I know I am going to go up and over a lot of climbs, but somehow it all seems a little unreal to me at the outset – like I am only pretending.

The route ran from the car up to the summit then back down the hill then left onto Bear Notch, over that hill and down into Bartlett, down 302 to West-Side Road – all the way back to the Passaconaway road and up to parking.

Sally had a great run – Stronger than the year before even with fewer training miles in prior.

Russ was finally able to join us on this classic ride and also had a great run

Quick Break before descent

The descent was clean and dry – rarely did the speed drop much below forty. The sight lines and road quality was such that you never needed to touch your breaks. Simply sitting up or crouching down was the only speed control used

Identical to last year, we made great time back to Bear Notch and stopped at the same initial rise in the road to remove windbreaks and arm warmers used for the descent.

We were pleased to find that the road was still gated closed as this meant no traffic worries and makes it one of the most looked forward to rides of the year.

The closed Bear Notch Road

Just before the summit there is a little pull out where we stopped for a re-fuel and some snaps..

Sally and Russ

Russ and I

The descent down the north side of the notch was crazy in that there were many blowdowns and debris blocking the road at various points. Many hazards that you did NOT want to hit at forty miles per-hour.

There was time for one more vista shot though – with the ‘rock pile’ in the background still snow covered


From there it was the run down the west side – a great day, a great time.

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