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The Maiden Ride of my Merckx Professional


We have had an early spring here in the Northeast – perhaps an understatement – last Thursday the temperature was nearly 86 degrees.

I am on a fair pace when it comes to miles logged on the bike. Could be better, sure could be worse. I always loved the cartoons in velonews – where the old fred is wearing the shirt that reads “Old Guys who get fat in Winter..” Got to get me one of them.

Anyway, I digress.

Today was a bit cooler than some of the crazy early summer in winter weather we have had. Temperatures were around 50 and the wind was up – 12-15 from the west with gusts to 23 but the sun was out – and so were we.

Sally and I took a quick spin around Greely-Tuttle where we worked on dialing in her new shoes and cleats. A move from SPD to Keo’s on a nice pair of Sidi’s. It was a good ride. I came home from that and did a little wrench turning on the Professional – And set out for the first ride.

First Day out

This is my third Merckx. I have the carbon, the MX Leader and now the Professional.

I have been building it up with mostly period components. I like the period that was the transition between old and new school. Dura Ace 7400 is the primary theme here – But the shifters are still on the down-tube and only the rear is indexed. The brakes are straight up, but the cables are areo routed on the bars – oh and the pedals are clip-less

Some of the parts were from the big parts bin in the basement. The crank, I got from Ebay. It is 180MM and has some unique chainring sizing going on.

The frame was also from Ebay – and is gorgeous. No dents, but it is a repaint. And, if you have to have a repaint on such a classic the only way to go would be Spectrum and Tom Kellogg. Wow. What a great job. This thing is beautiful.

So, I need to replace the stem still and the wheels are not exactly period – but the fit is great
It’s a pro bike.
Pro enough I guess.
Eddy rode the model to wins in the Tour De France, the Giro and the World championships. Even though it is almost five pound more than the 1XM carbon that is my primary ride, it feels lighter. The steering is tight. Real tight. The angles are steep and it is a quick and nimble steed.

It was a great first ride out with no surprises. The big problem was me trying to shift with the brakes – takes a while to forget that habit. It felt awkward reaching down and stupid trying to bend the brake to my will… The gearing was funky – A 54 / 50 up front? What were they thinking? But, having a 54×12 is …. something else on the descent.

I love this bike. I think I’ll keep it.

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