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Winter blah’s


January started great then fizzled out all together. The one-two punch was a killer rain storm that turned two feet of fluffy snow into a crunch three inch useless coating . That kind of took the fun out of snow shoeing and canceled our snow shoe social. Bummer.

Another factor this month has been sinusitis. The thing that followed the rain storm was a fairly strong cold snap. Morning temperatures were consistently in the single numbers and if there was ever a good time to run the wood stove – that was it. I fear that the combination of the wood stove and some general winter time pathogens conspired to deliver a grade A sinus event for both Sally and I. The result is no riding – no swimming – Nothing.

In an effort to always look on the positive – I have been back at work on the novel and making progress and am generally pleased with the result and direction it is taking.

Also in this news summary –

We are in the middle of our second phase of West African drumming lessons with Eric and Barbara. Great stuff and a highly recommended winter diversion. For my friends from class – I promise to get the page with practice movies back up this weekend.

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