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Winter is here


Well, four days of snow has me thinking we are back in Dixville notch. It has been nice to have classic New England weather for a change. The snow is fluffy and we have our own gumdrop forest on the back sixty.

We have been out a few times with the pups for snow shoe walks

a few times this weekend. It is something they all love. It was sad for me to see Clancy slowing down. The big red dog is getting on in years – but he is still a trooper. Jake is a nut case. I think he may be a malamute or something – He loves the snow and probably logs five miles for every mile we log with all his back and forth action along the trail.
Andy, Sparrow and Clancy
Andy and Sparrow are also happy snow dogs although this picture makes it look like they are having a snarling fight – Which I suppose they were, but it was a play fight. Snow seems to make Andy goofy.
Later in the day we elected to get out on the trail with some tools to clear some of the blowdowns and low hanging branches – work I should have done in the fall, but never got around to.
So, Sally and I hiked out on snow shoes with chain saws and pruning tools to clear up the trail as I anticipate a good season ahead.
Pulling brush
Perhaps next fall I will get out with a good trail crew and clean things up before having to run a chainsaw while on snow shoes (not fun by the way)
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade

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