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The call of the col


A new season is on me. My break was a nice long one but alas the time has come to get back on the bike. I pretty much took all of November and December off the bike after logging a bit over five thousand miles for the year. It was a good year, bagged a few quality centuries, road almost every day, started commuting to my new job by bike – Favorite ride was as Sally’s coach and companion when she did her first century. A great year.
I am hoping (target) to double my milage this year. That’s going to take some doing.

That doing begins now. Getting on the trainer every night and getting it done. Most nights, it’s the same old same old – a ride on the Col de Lautaret – with the watts on the stereo the same as the legs (read motivationally loud) My times (tonight was my third run of ’10) are still low, but it is early yet.

The Col
The Col

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