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Day Three – A long cold ski


Well, day three is behind us. All that remains is some more fine dining followed by a deep winters sleep. Tomorrow we pack and head for home closing the books on our ninth year doing this.

It has been a great trip – We got to do everything we wanted to and more, the snow was good enough to support our adventures, and the hotel is in great shape.

I think we are both a little sore tonight. Today we were on X-Country skis for five hours and it ended up being the longest day ever for Sally, who did great.

We got back to the room, showered and changed up and did a little exploring in this great old hotel.

If you are reading this, then chances are you are family (who else visits blogs like this) but if by chance you are not – and you are not welded to your couch, and can deal with cold cheeks and a biting wind, and nearly constant snow fall, I suggest you get a visit into the balsams at some point.

Here are a few shots from the days adventure;


    • David,

      Glad you like them. The Balsams is a special place for us –
      I will be working up a summary post of the year, as well as some past highlights – I shot a couple hundred pictures this year as well as some 1080P HD video – I will be posting much more soon.

      Oh, and you guys need to Tweet! like, “Snow all day today, Rick and the band just started in the dining room, another night in heaven”

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