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Well, Perhaps the last of the fall work weekends is now past. I was able to get the ladder up and get on the roof. Not as easy task as you might expect. The ladder needs to be fully extended which is forty feet – and the roof is steep at 12/12. Had to get up there to put some chicken wire in the flues of the chimney to keep the squirrels out. We had four of the little buggers in the house over the past couple of weeks and the chimney flue is the only way we can think they have been getting in.D4F5B4D7-C84A-4724-9832-E9E200ADB892.jpg
I hate to see them become cat food almost as much as I hate them wrecking the house. Let’s hope this takes care of the little guys and keeps them outside where they belong.
After a day like today I have to wonder how long I will be able to handle the care of the house. It’s not like I am and old man or anything, it’s more that I have been around the old and dying and as a result have been pondering my own fate.
I spent Thanksgiving day with my dad. It was just he and I in the house and while I watched the parade on TV, I could not help but be melancholy with the lack of noise, laughter and general activity of a house full of family on the holiday. This year it was just the tow of us. We went to the care facility where I fed my mom dinner. Rather sobering.
On the morning of Thanksgiving – as if I needed to be reminded of the transient nature of life any more than I already was, I observed a couple of ambulances pull up to the house of one of the other original families on the block. I watched as they worked on Jim’s chest on the way into the transport, and drove away with him. No turkey for Jim this day – or ever again as it turns out.
So, What do I do to prepare? how do I cope with knowing that the same fate awaits me?
I do what most of us do.
I try not to think about it – I let the images fade, replace them with fresh hope and go on about my day as if there will always be another.

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