Yellow Bear



Welcome to the latest incarnation of YellowBear (michaelhassey.com)

This was the first real blog I developed and maintained in WordPress going back to 2009. It was the source for my postings of everyday mundane activities as well as some reviews, resources and ponderings.

It was also the source of most of my postings about cycling and the general bicycle obsession that gripped be through the period.

If you have been following – you would notice that the activity dropped (read stopped) at the same time we got Mittenstock.

After starting Mittenstock.com my activity here dropped off to zero. I am updating the theme and restarting this so I have both the archive and opportunity to segment postings and start writing here again.

So for right now this is an archive / legacy site. But winds of change are blowing




Here he is,

The Yellow Man

The Yellow Man

Taken in the winter of 07-08

One has to name their blog something – So, I chose YellowBear. Even though the dogs name is Andy, we call him yellowbear, yellow man, chief yellow bear etc…

I like the native american sound of yellowbear –

Anyway –
Thats it.
Oh, and I have three two other dogs who I love just as much…..

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